Indian summer is upon us here in the Bay Area. In hot weather I always crave big salads full of crunchy vegetables, and sometimes I am just not in the mood for lettuce or even arugula or spinach. I threw together this salad yesterday with what I had in the refrigerator, and was really pleased with the results: a jumble of thinly sliced crunchy veggies with a light herbal vinaigrette. Use any herbs you like, and any veggies or fruits you have in your kitchen could be added or substituted–cucumber, carrots, jicama, or a tart green apple would be fantastic.

Summer Vegetable Salad




vine-ripened tomatoes


fresh corn

extra virgin olive oil

red wine vinegar


fresh herbs: here I used parsley and lemon thyme

salt and freshly ground black pepper

Cut the corn kernels off the cob. Thinly slice the fennel, celery and scallions on the bias. Chop the tomatoes into small cubes. Finely mince herbs.

Sprinkle a tablespoon or so of olive oil onto the vegetables, and sprinkle with about a half tablespoon of vinegar. Add salt to taste and a generous amount of freshly ground black pepper and the herbs. Toss to coat. Serve with lemon wedges.