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I first had this dish at a cafe in Greenpoint, Brooklyn a few years back. The combination of a soft poached egg and slices of avocado on toast is just…perfect. And even better in California of course! East Coasters just don’t have the luxury of finding perfect avocados at the grocery store year round.

Anyhow, this dish prompted me to learn how to poach eggs, which resulted in many failed attempts. Luckily, I have a dear friend who is a very fancy chef. I cornered him in his kitchen one day and demanded an egg-poaching lesson. Forget all those little cups and devices you can buy at fancy cooking stores; really the simplest method is the best.

Eggs Avocado 

two servings

two eggs, preferably farm fresh (fresh eggs are easier to poach!)

two slices of good bread, or english muffins (I used Trader Joe’s California Style Sprouted Bread)

one ripe avocado


fill a medium-sized pot with water. add a good amount of salt and a tablespoon of vinegar or the juice from half a lemon. set on medium high heat

crack your eggs into tea cups or small bowls (this step is optional, but helpful)

while you are waiting for the water to heat up, run a knife lengthwise around the pit of the avocado, twist to separate the two halves, and use a knife to carefully remove the pit from one half. With a small sharp knife, cut the avocado flesh into small slices, and scoop out with a spoon. (You can remove the avocado flesh in any way you like of course, this just results in a pretty presentation)

when you begin to see small bubbles forming in the water, turn the heat down to medium low. You want to keep the bubbles going, but you do not want the water to actually boil.

With a large spoon, stir the water in one direction several times, creating a little whirlpool. While it is still going, pour your eggs one by one in to the water. The whirlpool you have created will swirl around the raw egg, keeping it intact and giving it a nice rounded shape.

Some of the egg whites are going to disconnect and float away. No worries.

In the meantime, lightly toast your bread and lay the slices of avocado on top. Sprinkle with a bit of salt.

Give the eggs 3 minutes for a runny yolk. Remove with a slotted spoon onto a paper towel to remove excess water. Place eggs onto your avocado toast, add a bit more salt and pepper and serve immediately.



eggs avocado, how to poach an egg, easy egg poaching method, vegetarian brunch, vegetarian breakfast, breakfast ideas, brunch ideas