I just finished packing for a road trip to LA–the second one I will be taking in as many weeks.  I take long trips for work or pleasure pretty often and have learned to plan ahead by packing myself lots of healthy food and snacks for the trip. If possible I like to cook or bake a few things to take with me, but even if you don’t have the time, that doesn’t mean you have to rely on fast food!

Airports, truckstops, and gas stations are full of expensive food that is often ultra-processed, and full of sugar, trans fats, salt, and preservatives. Plan ahead by packing a bunch of healthy snacks that are easy to transport and eat on-the-go. This can not only save you money, but you will also arrive feeling so much better than if you either don’t eat enough or eat junk food the whole day!

When I take my next trip to NYC in the winter I will write a post about what I bring for the plane. For now, here is a list of what I will be bringing in the car with me for the trek to socal in the morning:

  • several bottles of flavored sparkling water stay hydrated by drinking something other than coffee once in a while, and avoid the temptation to drink soda by sipping a variety of flavored seltzer water
  • lots of fruit! oranges and apples travel especially well and you can keep them in the car for several days without worrying about them going bad. The fiber and high-water content of these fruits keep you full and hydrated, and they satisfy your sweet tooth, helping to avoid the candy available at every rest stop and gas station
  • homemade baked goodies for this trip I am bringing Michelle’s oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and mini-loafs of her apple cinnamon bread
  • a quart or large jar or bottle of organic, 1% milk in a cooler or cooler bag. I’ve learned the hard way that gas stations often only carry powdered “whitener” (whatever that is) to add to coffee, so I bring my own milk. I really don’t mind drinking crappy gas-station coffee as long as it is not full of awful chemicals
  • tea bags–assorted black, herbal, and green tea. You can get hot water almost anywhere on the road
  • crackers and cheese or hummus-my favorite are Ak Mak whole wheat crackers with pre-sliced part-skim mozzarella.

Happy Travels!